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"Our goal here at
Convenient Dental
Center is to set the
standard for dental care by placing an extra emphasis on high-quality dentistry and total patient comfort. We want our patients to know that they will get gentle &
compassionate treatment by caring professionals in a relaxed atmosphere."
-Dr. Jesse Grimm
Former Dental Instructor
Of the University of
Michigan and the
University of Detroit.


Academy of General Dentists
Michigan Dental Association


Comprehensive exams * Gentle cleanings * Lifelike implants * Power whitening * Natural-looking crowns, bridges & veneers * Precision dentures * Fresh-breath program * Tooth-colored fillings, inlays & onlays * Nonsurgical gum care * One-visit root canals * Pediatric Dentistry

Emergency visits available * Competitive fees * Most insurance accepted & filed * Interest-free financing * All major credit cards honored * Early morning, lunchtime & late evening hours * Same-day appointments * Children's play area * Unique "Friends & Family Rewards" program * Handicap-accessible * Ample free parking

We're not comfortable unless you are.
Convenient Dental Center has served thousands of Greater Lansing residents over the decades. What makes us so decidedly different than the average dental practice is that ours is an environment specifically designed to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

* A congenial, helpful staff who will go out of their way to make you as comfortable as can be throughout your visit with us.

Dentistry that's easy on your budget and your schedule.
Simply put, our ultimate goal is patient satisfaction, which is why we treat our patients like family and try out best to cater to your every need while you’re in our care. And when you're satisified enough with our care to refer friends, family and coworkers to us, we'll thank you for those recommendations. But of course, you need to try us out for yourself, first. So, if you're ready for a new level of dental care that offers gentle & compassionate treatment by caring professionals in a relaxed atmosphere call Convenient Dental Center today at 517-349-0907.

Preventative SERVICES
Sealants - Decay often occurs on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. In order to prevent decay on those surfaces, sealants, clear plastic materials, are applied to act as a barrier against these decay-prone areas. Sealants have long-term effects to help avoid tooth decay.


Periodontal Scaling and Root Planning - If plaque starts to creep below the gum line, gingivitis can deteriorate into a condition known as periodontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammation that can erode the ligament and bone beneath the gums creating deep pockets that foster the growth of destructive bacteria and ultimately cause tooth loss. We can work with you to develop a specialized program in the home so that you can avoid periodontal therapy outside of the home. However, we do offer services, which include the use of antibiotics and root planning (deep scaling of the bacteria-filled pockets).

Root Canal Therapy - Root canal therapy is needed if your tooth's pulp is irreversibly damaged. The procedure can save teeth that would otherwise require extraction. The development of modem anesthetics, analgesics and techniques has greatly reduced the discomfort related with root canal therapy.

Crowns and Bridges - If one or more of your teeth are substantially damaged, they may be restored with crowns. Teeth that have been treated by root canal therapy almost always are restored in this way. The crown can be composed of a variety of materials including gold, plastic, porcelain or a combination. If only a few of your teeth are missing, they may be replaced by a fixed restoration called a bridge. Bridges are composed of abutments, sound teeth on either side acting as supports, and the span, a metal framework attached to the abutments with artificial teeth attached to it. Dentures and Partial Dentures - We can provide both full and partial dentures. Partials are used if some serviceable teeth are present for support in conjunction with the gums and jawbone. Full dentures are used ifno teeth are left for support. The full denture covers more of the jaw than a partial and is partly held in place by a vacuum created upon insertion. Implants - You may not want to sacrifice the structure of surrounding good teeth to bridge a space - or removing a complete or partial denture at night may not be convenient. If you want a dental restoration that looks and feels as though it's really part of your mouth, dental implants may be right for you.

Extractions - We offer local anesthetics and nitrous oxide.

Appliances - If you suffer from a temporomandibular disorder, you may need a nightguard. Nightguards prevent you from grinding or clenching your teeth as you sleep. We can diagnose and treat temporomandibular disorders with appliances or by other means.

We offer interceptive orthodontic therapy for adolescents as well as full treatment for teenagers and adults. We also offer Invisalign braces.

Various payment plans are available and can be customized to meet your financial needs.